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Head Office : Jakarta
Branch : Medan
  : Pekanbaru
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   We train our employees to CARE :
  • Customers Satisfaction
    Emphasize on customers' satisfactory experience with us.
  • Attentive
    Attend to every possible comment, complaint, suggestion and problem from our customers.
  • Responsive
    Quick to react and solve any problems or situations.
  • Empathy
    Practice empathy to every one around us especially our customers.
   About Us

Toba Distribution is recognized nationwide as one of the leading distributors of stationery products. With capacity of more than 100 employees, We are centrally headquatered in Jakarta, and have regional locations in Pekanbaru- Riau and Medan- North Sumatera. Plans for additional branches are being developed.

Contacting an established dealer base, our Sales Professionals act as business consultants, helping our customers increase the profitability of their business. Our accounts depend on our consultative approach to selling in order to help grow the business.

Each Sales Professional undergoes extensive sales training which enables them to support our customers with general product knowledge, knowledge of retail operations and knowledge about the stationary industry. In fact, many of our accounts view our Sales Professional as an extention of their staff. Our commitment to our customers is the cornerstone of our business strategy.

TOBA has a rich history dating back to 1978. During this time we have grown from being a local wholesaler to the national distribution company that we are today. The struggles and lessons that we have overcome have educated us with valuable experience to compete in this industry.

Typically, the role of the distributor stops when an order is taken and shipped to the customer. However, TOBA is not a typical stationary distributor. We are dedicated to the future of the industry and determined to make our customers more successful.

Company Milestone
1978   UD.TOBA STATIONERY was established as a copy center and stationery shop in Pekanbaru.
1983   PD.TOBA PERMAI was established in the city of Medan, North Sumatera."AA" exercise book distributorship was given to TOBA for North Sumatera and Riau Province
1989   PD.TOBA PERMAI evolved into PT.TOBA PERMAI.
PT.TOBA PERMAI KENCANA was set up in Jakarta. TOBA became the national distributor for "AA" exercise books.
1992   TOBA formed another division to distribute joss paper products manufactured by PT.KLAMBIR JAYA nationwide.
1996   TOBA was authorized to distribute Parker and Rotring writing instruments by PT.SAHABAT UTAMA in North Sumatera, Aceh and Riau.
1997   Best Sub-Dist Award was given for our sales achievement on ZEBRA pens.
1998   TOBA became nationwide sole distributor for Dunia Mas copy paper. Within the same year, TOBA was bestowed the Diamond Award from STAEDTLER.
1999   Gold Achievement Award was given by BROTHER
2003   PLUS stationery from Japan appointed TOBA the national distributor in Indonesia


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